Blue Lotus Extract 20:1


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The blue lotus high provides a mild sense of tranquility and euphoria, along with an altered sense of awareness.

Its effects famously combine very well with wine, which illuminate the social and euphoric aspect. Blue lotus can also be taken on it’s own  to enhance meditative and introspective practices.

Some users report a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body and a dream like feeling.

  • Scientific Name– Nymphaea Caerulea, AKA blue water lily, sacred blue lily.
  • Blue Lotus contains the psychoactive alkaloid Aporphine, known to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Nuciferine is the other active alkaloid in Blue Lotus. It is suggested that you drink Blue Lotus in teas, dissolving it in ethanol-containing beverages, since the alkaloids are not water soluble, or smoking or vaping in E-cigarettes.  There is no scientific info regarding dosing.  Blue Lotus is used in cooking and baking in Asia.  That depends on the users age, health, and several other conditions.  Stop using at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Aporphine– Nonselective dopamine receptor agonist and activates serotonin receptors and a-adrenergic receptors.
  • Uses– Sedation, hypnotic, insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, erectile dysfunction, alcohol addiction, morphine addiction, Alzheimer’s, calming euphoria, aphrodisiac qualities, Parkinson’s, improving motor function, sleep, anxiety, mild stimulant, lowering blood sugar levels, bleeding, cough, fiver, liver and stomach problems, decrease swelling, killing cancer cells and bacteria, breaking down fat, protecting heart and blood vessels, protecting skin, liver, and brain.

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